Vancouver, BC

Okay. I’m a bit of a procrastinator. I can only really write when I’m in the perfect mood. And at a coffee shop. Both of which are happening RIGHT NOW, so lucky you! You get to read my words again!

Since my first post I’ve been pretty busy – I even left the country twice! Kind of… The first trip was Canada (a 5 hour drive), but they have different money there and weird traffic lights so I still consider it foreign. The second was as a “workation” to Colombia. 100% foreign. I can’t write about both without making you read for dayyyys, so we’ll do it one at a time. First up: Vancouver, B.C.


This trip was a birthday trip for me and my best friend, Lori. Our birthdays are 9 days apart and we try to take a “birthday gap” trip every year while we’re the same age. We’ve been to California a couple times, NYC, and now Canada! Although, this year we had to go before the gap because we’re getting old and have old people things like “scheduling conflicts” (am I allowed to put emojis in blogs? No? Just imagine the eye roll one, then.)

Vancouver surprised me. I wasn’t expecting it to be so pretty and have so much to do and see and eat. We stayed at a perfectly quirky little airbnb right on Main street, which had the best little coffee shops and book stores (my two #1’s).

Favorite memories:

The pole: My very first memory in Canada is having to go to the bathroom. Like… really bad. And the downfall of the super perfect quirky little airbnb right on Main street was that there was literally nowhere to park. So we’re driving around, both needing to pee, desperately looking for a place to park, when I think we found one! So I go to back into it but in my desperate and frantic state I don’t really look where I’m going and I back into a utility pole. And then when I look up there are construction workers laughing at us, so I just give up the spot out of embarrassment and find a temporary spot until I can get our airbnb host to help me park my car because I’m a DUMB AMERICAN whose bladder can’t contain the amount of coffee she drinks.



Suspension bridge park: This was mostly on the list because Lori is scared of heights and I love freaking her out probably more than anything. I’ve leaned over cliffs, forced her onto rollercoasters, sat on the edge of bridge trestles, and even climbed onto the ledge of the Brooklyn bridge just to see how mad she’ll get (answer: REALLY mad). It’s worth it every time. The park was fun, but it was hard for it to be scary when there were hoards of tourists and personnel everywhere. I’ll get her next time!



Main street: If there’s one thing the two of us are good at, it’s being really lazy. So imagine our excitement when we realized that basically everything we needed was literally right out the door! This street was seriously the cutest. The coffee shops (especially 49th parallel) were top notch… and that’s coming from two people who are pretty snobbish about coffee (and just snobbish in general). And the BAKERY. Don’t even get me started on the bakery. It’s called COBS bread, but if you go there beware because the people are really nice. Like, REALLY nice. We only went twice because we couldn’t make ourselves talk to them more than that. We bought books, read in coffee shops, napped a little, and just wandered up and down the street. But I will say… the things this street does not have going for it are doughnuts and pizza. Honestly, they should be ashamed of themselves for even trying.


Firework competition: We managed to plan our trip right smack in the middle of an international firework competition. And we weren’t mad about it. We also somehow managed to accidentally be there on the night America competed, but let’s pretend we showed up to support our country! We took the train as close as we could to the beach where the competition was held, and then we walked for a couple miles because we’re too impatient to wait in line with the hundreds of others for the bus. When we got there (a couple hours early) it was already packed. The show itself was amazing. It was. But my favorite part was actually the walk back to the train. The roads were shut down and literally thousands of people were making a bee-line for the train, which meant that the streets were overflowing with people and no cars and it felt like some sort of zombie apocalypse. We turned it into this game where we passed everyone as fast as we could without running and I think we won because we only had to wait in line for the train for like 5 minutes and we were in bed by midnight. VICTORY.



There was so much more that we did and areas that we loved, but if I wrote it all down we’d all be here until after the election (speaking of – if you’re voting for Trump remember voting day is November 28!). But really my number 1 favorite part of every birthday gap trip we go on is all the uninterrupted bestfriend time we get! Long distance bestfriendship is the pits. And speaking of, she’s about to move to CALIFORNIA which is giving me a small amount of anxiety because we haven’t lived more than two hours apart since we were 5. But ANYWAY. Vancouver was beautiful and fun and so clean and I can’t wait to go back.



So fresh and so clean, clean.




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