Am I doing this right?

HI GUYS. My first ever blog post! Well, disregarding anything that might’ve been posted in my young, Good Charlotte fan-fiction loving tween years. (I can neither confirm nor deny those postings, but if they did happen I was probably REALLY GOOD AT THEM.)  Honestly, I’m still torn between “YEAH, this is a great idea!” and “ugh, I’m probably just going to embarrass myself”… but right now the “great idea” side is winning, so imma do this real quick.

I’m mostly making this blog as a way to put down all of my thoughts and experiences because I have the memory of whatever is the opposite of an elephant. So, a really bad one. Like “I literally have no idea what shirt I wore yesterday” bad… But if you need to know lyrics to almost any song I gotchu.

Some things I’ll probably write about will be travel, nannying, fashion (or lack of), opinions that have nowhere else to go, and tips on how to avoid the millions of messages from health coaches on IG. (Just kidding on that last one but if you need some help hit me up). Along with some of my favorite things that probably no one else cares about but are, like, really important to me. Like food and coffee.

If you read through all of that rambling then congratulations and just know that I’m really proud of you!

Stay tuned for some more ramblings with (hopefully) a purpose!


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