PDX travel (okay, food) guide

Long time no see, blog! Obviously I'm killin' the procrastination game. BUT I just moved back into my sisters adorable house, I have brand new room set up, and a cute little desk area and I'm feeling inspired! So how 'bout a locals guide to Portland? I'm always getting messages on Instagram asking for recommendations... Continue Reading →


Let’s talk about politics!

  What could go wrong when talking about politics, right? We're all adults here (I actually don't know if you're an adult, because internet). We can handle some friendly conversation about the future of our country! Let me start off by saying that I was raised very, very republican. Like, held signs on street corners... Continue Reading →

Bogotá, Colombia

And now Colombia. I'll try not to make this one long and rambling, but we were there for two weeks. And did so much that's worth noting. And so much that's not really worth noting but I'll probably note anyway because those are the things I like the most. This trip was a workation of... Continue Reading →

Vancouver, BC

Okay. I'm a bit of a procrastinator. I can only really write when I'm in the perfect mood. And at a coffee shop. Both of which are happening RIGHT NOW, so lucky you! You get to read my words again! Since my first post I've been pretty busy - I even left the country twice!... Continue Reading →

Am I doing this right?

HI GUYS. My first ever blog post! Well, disregarding anything that might've been posted in my young, Good Charlotte fan-fiction loving tween years. (I can neither confirm nor deny those postings, but if they did happen I was probably REALLY GOOD AT THEM.)  Honestly, I'm still torn between "YEAH, this is a great idea!" and "ugh,... Continue Reading →

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